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 Serra Lazar, the apprentice blacksmith

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Character sheet
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Character Basics

Name: Serra Lazar
Age: 20 years
Race: witch
Sex: woman
Birthdate: 5th of April

Character Physicality

Height: 1m74
Weight: 73kg
Complexion: has some freckles on her face, mostly nose and cheeks
Hair Color: black
Hair Length: a bit above shoulders and a bit longer than jawline
Hair Type: thick and wild, it's cut in layers for even more volume
Eye Color: brown
Special Eye Traits: brown might get a red like glow when using magic, but the red isn't very bright, you have to concentrate to notice that there is a red shine
Body Type: muscular
Scars: a fair amount of battle scars on her body, but no big ones that really catch the eye

Character Personality

Feelings towards Family: she loves her parents, even though they frustrate her from time to time, she still loves them
Likes About Self: that she's strong, muscular, tall, can handle weapons and is able to forge armor and weapons
Dislikes About Self: the fact that she's a witch, her power (she thinks it's useless), her freckles (because she thinks it makes her look less intimidating and more friendly)
Types of Food Likes: healthy food
Types of Food Dislikes: unhealthy food
Goals: to become a mage (of course she can't literally become a mage, but she wants to be as strong as them and maybe even try to be better at combat than they are)
Strengths: she's physically strong, determined
Weaknesses: not an analytic thinker, bad at riddles and problem solving, a bit hot headed sometimes, freaks out when people tell her that she's a witch and shouldn't be using weapons but her magic instead
Fears: the risks of her magic (will be explained at her magic part), being a useless warrior
Pet Peeves: people who blame others for their own failure, people who eat noisy, animal abusers
Attitude Toward Life: she wants to make the best of her life and complete her goal, because you only got one life so there is no second chance, so she will keep trying to achieve what she wants

Character History

Drank: tried alcohol, but doesn't like it that much, but sometimes she might drink because of peer pressure
Smoked: she never smoked and is not planning to start smoking
School: she wasn't able to go to school

Character Family

Father: Faskar Lazar
Species: mage
Age: 47 years
Hair: black
Eyes: olive green
Height: 1m86

Mother: Lara Simmons
Species: witch
Age: 43
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 1m68

Character Knowledge

basic survival
intermediate fighter (she's good, but she still has some things to learn)

Character Home

Type: normal sized house, not very big or small, big enough for four people to live in
Location: in the city, but not the city center it's a bit more peaceful where the house is
Kitchen: the kitchen is very spacey and there is a lot of room, there also is a dining table since they don't have a dining room. The kitchen is next to the living room.
Bathroom: there is 1 bathroom, upstairs
Bedroom(s): 3, one is occupied by her parents and another one is Serra's room the other room is currently being used as a guest room
Living Room: not big, but big enough to sit together
Hallway(s): there is one hallway with a staircase that leads to the bathroom and the bedrooms
Guestroom(s): one of the bedrooms is a guestroom
Extra room(s): since her dad is a smith, they also have a smithery connected to their house with a forge and everything needed to craft armor and weapons

Character Clothes & Accesories

Type: her dad once made her this roman armor, she wears it almost constantly. On days where she wears simple and basic clothes in dark colors
Colors: het armor is metallic, with red pieces of fabric and some leather details

Character Money

Income per Month: varies, she gets her money from forging and from doing some jobs for people
Pays Bills: her parents pay the taxes

Character Likes

weapons, smithing, fighting and training, the smell of grass after it rained, the sound and smell of fire, swimming

Character Dislikes
children, being underestimated, tea, being told what she can and what she can't do, hot days, slippery surfaces


Her witch powers have to do with animals. She is able to communicate with animals, some animals know this and will come ask her for help when there is trouble. For example if an animal is stuck in a trap, and another animal sees this it might look for Serra and ask her to help the animal that's in trouble.
Other than that she can posses an animal, only one at a time though. Her spirit will leave her body and take over the spirit of the animal she saw (she has to see the animal to be able to posses it) when it's possessed, she has full control of this animal. However, this has some major downsides. First of all there is the problem that her body is having no spirit, making it easy for other beings to posses it or attack it without her being able to defend the body since she can't control her human body while possessing an animal. Second of all, staying too long in an animal, can be very dangerous. When she posses one for too long and gets back to her body, she may behave like an animal. This can be very light animal behavior, but this can be so severe that she doesn't know that she's a human and this side effect can stay forever depending on how long she's been an animal. In the worst case scenario she won't be able to get out of the body of the animal and will be trapped in there forever.

Because Serra always looked up to her father and mages in general, she thinks that this power is very useless since it's mostly a spying power rather than something that can be used in combat. Therefore she started using weapons because she likes to fight.


Her parents had a forbidden love, causing them to flee because mages and witches were still enemies when they fell in love. They decided to hide in a forest, far away from the people so that they could live together. They build a small cottage there and after a few years of living in the cottage, Serra got born. The three of them lived happily together, even though they had to hide from people. Because it was dangerous in the forest and they never knew if they would get attacked, Fasker taught Serra on the age of 6 years old how she had to defend herself with a sword, of course he taught her how to do this with a wooden sword first. Once she turned 10, he also taught her how she had to forge weapons and armor. Originally he planned to teach it to their son, but since Serra was a girl and they were scared to get another child (it would be too risky and dangerous for their situation to have 2 children and they had no idea if there would ever be peace) he eventually agreed to teach it to Serra.
Serra was good at fighting and hoped that she would have an awesome power to use while fighting with her sword. Once she found out what her power was, she got really upset and disappointed. Serra thinks her power is useful and until now, she rarely even used it because she never had to. The only thing she did from time to time was communicating with the animals, but possession? Less than five times in her whole life.

Once they heard the news that mages and witches made peace with each other, they were debating whether or not they should return to the village. They decided to wait a few years, scared that it was some sort of trick to bait them out of their hiding spot. Once they were certain that it wasn't a trick, they decided to move back to the village. They bought a house, her dad opened a smithing shop where he sometimes forges weapons, usually for mages and his daughter Serra usually helps her in the shop. On her free times, she will take small jobs from people to earn some extra money since she's saving up money to buy her own place.

~sorry if crappy, am tired~
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Serra Lazar, the apprentice blacksmith
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